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Let us know where to send your messages, then just copy & paste our code into your html.

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Never miss a customer: messages get sent to your existing inbox.

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The service is free forever for up to 20 messages a month. Paid plans start at $10 / month.


Looks great on mobile: you set the default width for larger screens, but for small screens the form expands to 100% width.

Run Anywhere

Compatible with all web technologies: from complex custom applications, to wordpress, to static sites.


All communications are encrypted and secure. We don't store your data or share your information.

Contact forms are complicated.

So you want a contact form for your site? Then you need to design the form, code the html, and include validations. But that's just the beginning. You need a web application to handle submissions, an email service or admin portal to view the responses as they come in, and spam protection (unless you want your inbox flooded by bots). And you need to keep it all running 24/7.

Can't handle that yourself? Then you'll need to find and hire a full stack engineer. Hint: that's not easy.

Contact Form makes it simple.

Just paste our html into your web page, and your contact form appears. When your customers contact you, we'll securely forward their messages directly to your inbox.

That's it.

Straight pricing.

20 messages / month
$0 / month*
200 messages / month
$10 / month
$20 / month
* No credit card or login required

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